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Impeachment Message from Val Torrens

15 Feb 2021 1:50 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Hello all,

Once again, I find myself searching for words to express my anger, disgust and outrage over the way a major part of our government is not functioning. Yes, I am talking about the disgraceful capitulation of the Senate Rs who refused to understand the ramifications of what they have done by not convicting the former White House occupant of instigating an insurrection. 

I am unable to understand how they can take an oath to uphold the Constitution and to sit in fair judgment and then act as if that all means nothing. Since when did sitting in the gallery with one’s feet on the furniture, doodling at one’s desk, or reading papers/documents that have nothing to do with the task at hand show that those acting this way were listening to the case being presented to them? Or how impartial can one be if one sits down in a private room with the door closed to confer with the defense on their strategy? How utterly appalling and odious!

The Rs have become a cult of personality and all things are for the support of that one person. It is atrocious that their national party platform is basically whatever he wants. It is monstrous that anyone who speaks in opposition to this person is castigated and isolated from the rest of the party. Anyone not seeing parallels to Nazi Germany is not paying attention. Fascism has raised its ugly head and we must be even more vigilant in standing up for our principles. We must speak up against hatred and discrimination of all sorts. We must continue to espouse fair and equitable treatment for all people – it is our democracy to keep or lose and I will not allow the Rs to win!!


Chair 23rd LD Dems     

P.S. These are the rest of the words I got from the Thesaurus (and there were plenty more) in order to not repeat myself in describing their egregious behavior: heinous, scurrilous, corrupt, horrendous, nefarious, atrocious, notorious.

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