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Earth Day 2021

22 Mar 2021 12:31 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Things are looking up for the planet.  After a devastating four years of a treacherous administration hell bent on destroying our planet we have a president that understands and is acting swiftly to not only redress a multitude of decisions guaranteed to speed us to extinction but promise real and necessary change that the climate emergency requires.

Our race against extinction isn’t just putting our species at risk but  entire ecosystems are failing as a mass extinction is underway. Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans.   One million seabirds die due to plastic pollution annually.  91% of plastic isn’t recycled.  The US creates three times more waste than the global average and we only represent 4% of the population. This miracle of a planet needs all hands on deck now.  

Sometimes when the big picture is so overwhelming we can’t imagine what one individual can accomplish but there’s a lot.  Our planet is drowning in plastic and our recycling programs are breaking down as China is no longer taking our mountains of plastics.  

Here are a few ways we can help:

Terracycle will repurpose plastic and turn it into something useful.

There are many companies that have committed to a free service where you will get a return label and when you are finished with the plastic you ship it directly back and they will reuse it.  You can also buy a box to fill up and then send back to Teracycle.  There are many categories everything from empty printer ink cartridges to plastic toys.  The one I purchased was for plastic packaging from food packaging to bubble wrap. 

Loop:  Order your favorite participating company products and they will send it to you in stainless steel reusable containers.  When they’re empty just return them to be refilled.  You’ll initially put down a deposit then will simply reuse your container over and over again.  

Tru Earth:  Instead of plastic bottles of laundry detergent you get a small thin paper package of detergent strips that you put into your washing machine.  Spoiler alert, most of the volume in laundry detergent is filler.  They also make Eco strips for multi surface cleansers

Compost:  It’s easy and there are countless ways to do it and your plants will love it.


Consider an electric car.  It’s in our near future as price (starting at $30K) and range (250 miles average) are no longer an issue.  Autonomous driving will make everyone safer as most accidents are due to human error and distracted driving,  Governor Jay Inslee has set the most aggressive agenda in the country by eliminating all new ICE (internal combustion engines) by 2030.  That’s less than 10 years from now.  If you’re in the market for a new car it doesn’t make sense not to as it will be hard to resale an ICE car that will be phased out in a short while.  Plus they are amazing. Cutting edge in technology and as I said, much safer.  Also, your home is your main recharging station so you aren’t always waiting in line for the next pump, just plug in when you get home. I figure it only costs me $1.50 in electricity to go 80 miles.  

Speaking of electricity, Puget Sound Energy has the option to match some or all of your electricity usage with green power that is 100% renewable.  

If everyone pitched in it would make a huge difference.

Hallette Salazar








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