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Tina's weekly Wrap

10 Dec 2021 5:26 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Hello Democrats!

Our 2022 Coordinated Kickoff Last Night - We had a fantastic turnout from all around the state last night for our 2022 Coordinated Campaign kickoff. We were joined live by special guests like Senator Patty Murray and our new Democratic Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, and we heard from Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and several of the terrific and  hardworking Rooted To Win candidates who ran for local office this year! Thanks Hugo Garcia, Danny Herrera, Sarah Perry, and Zack Zappone!

We all know how high the stakes are going into the 2022 midterm elections (visions of 2010 and 2014 in my head - ugh), but our speakers were a great reminder of the role that we all have in winning races. From steering the ship in Washington D.C. to knocking on doors in your local district, ALL Democrats have a part to play in making sure we can win next year. We’re counting on some folks, like our members of Congress, to pass great legislation that we can all campaign on. For other folks, that might be making a monthly contribution, or organizing your friends and neighbors to get out the vote. But we ALL have a responsibility to step up and get involved - so make sure you’re ready to do your part. Our great Rise and Organize efforts begin after the new year - and I’m looking forward to seeing you in person as I travel around the state! Got a great event or kickoff coming up? Make sure Anna knows so we can be there - anna@wa-democrats.org

If you weren’t able to attend last night but you’re still able to make a contribution to help get organizers on the ground, we’d be so grateful to have your support! You can contribute online here! And, you can watch Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s terrific speech here!


If you’re able to make a monthly contribution to support our 2022 organizing work, consider becoming a recurring donor with Blue Washington! Plus, the next 6 people to sign up for Blue Washington will get a “Proud Washington Democrat” beanie to help keep your head warm this winter! Consistent monthly support helps us scale up our program and hire organizers with confidence, and we’d love to have you on board for 2022!

Off to the Association of Democratic Chairs (ASDC) Meeting  - Next week I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina, for the meeting of the ASDC with our Vice-Chair David Green and Coordinated Campaign Director Diane Bedwell. The ASDC does great work to help our state Democratic chairs and parties support each other, learn from each other, network, and make our party stronger in all 50 states! Both Diane and I will be leading training sessions about  what we do in Washington while there - thank YOU for being a part of our work, work that serves as “best practices” around the nation.

I’ll be holding live social media conversations with other State Party Chairs and ASDC and DNC staffers while in Charleston about what’s happening in their states and how they are getting ready to win in 2022. Who do you want to hear from? Remember, Democrats can succeed no matter where we are, whether that’s in cities or rural areas, on the coasts or in the Midwest, in swing districts or in places where we’ve got a lot of party building to do. I’m so excited to bring you the best of our best - let me know!

Keep your eyes on our social media for videos of these chats as the week goes on, and on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. (Did you follow me? If not, go to Twitter and Instagram right now - @tinapo) Next Friday, I’ll plan to share links so you can see some of the amazing democrats from across the country that we’re talking to and learning from!

Thank You to Kerri Ebanks - This week, we’re saying goodbye to our Digital Director, Kerri Ebanks, who has decided to take her talents back to her Southern roots, and be closer to family during these turbulent times. For more than two years, Kerri has been a vital member of our team, and we will all miss her tremendously. Here’s a message she wanted to share with you: 

I am never really one to say goodbye, so this message is more of a "see you later." Working with the Washington State Democrats has been one of the best opportunities of my life. I am so glad that you all chose me. I appreciate the knowledge and insight that you all bring to our events and meetings, serving as a constant reminder that this work means much more than what happens at my desk. Because of you, I've learned a lot about what it means to elect Democrats that will work for the people, and I appreciate each of you for embracing me and my talents.

With gratitude, 


I know every local campaign, party, and organizer who has benefitted from Kerri’s excellent digital expertise joins me in thanking her for her service to our party and wishing her the very best for the future! And be sure to visit her in NOLA!

Honoring Sen. George Fleming - Former state Senator George Fleming passed away earlier this week, and we want to take a moment to recognize his accomplishments. Sen. Fleming represented the 37th Legislative District from 1968-1990. The second Black Senator ever elected in Washington and the first to chair the Senate Democratic Caucus, Sen. Fleming was a tireless advocate for the underrepresented. Among his many accomplishments were the creation of the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises and the Housing Finance Commission, both of which still serve Washingtonians. Fleming led legislative efforts to create a state holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, and mentored activists and candidates who have themselves become leaders for Washington state, including Gary Locke, Ron Sims, and Bruce Harrell.

I am glad to see that Rep. John Lovick was overwhelmingly nominated by the 44th Legislative District PCOs to replace our new Democratic Secretary of State Steve Hobbs in the Senate. Rep. Lovick is a devoted public servant and would be the third Black man to serve in the Senate, standing on George Fleming’s shoulders. We are still waiting for the Snohomish County Council to finalize the appointments in the 44th, but I'm thrilled that our party is putting forth a strong Black legislator for this seat to carry on George’s legacy. 

Memorial for Jack Arends - I know many of you knew Jack Arends, who passed away this July. Jack made international news last year as one of our state electors for Joe Biden, when he gave a powerful speech on the legislative floor about his terminal illness and his responsibility to cast that electoral vote with the time he still had with us. We are so glad and thankful that he was able to do that before he passed on. A memorial service for Jack will be held next Tuesday over Zoom, on the anniversary of his electoral college vote - details in the image below:

Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting the party, and on to 2022! 

With gratitude, 

Tina Podlodowski

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