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Wa Dems Friday Wrap Up

22 Jan 2021 6:09 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Washington Democrats - I know you all joined me in tearsof joy during the inauguration of President Joseph Robinette Biden and Vice President Kamala Devi Harris this week! 
After four long years, the American people can finally have faith that our President will put their interests above his own and honor his sacred oath to defend our Constitution. And after enduring relentless assaults on their basic humanity, women, Black and Brown Americans, and immigrants can see in Vice President Harris’ historic inauguration the triumph of the promise of America. 
And YOU made all of this happen! Over the past four years, you have answered every call to organize with the State Party and worked tirelessly to defeat Trumpism in America. This historic moment also belongs to you. 
I can’t help but recall that my tenure as Washington State Democrats Party Chair began in 2017 with an urgent resolution on Saturday, January 28th, 2017, when Trump signed an Executive Order that banned foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. We adjourned that state committee meeting, and rushed to SeaTac Airport to supportimmigrants on incoming flights who were being denied entry to the U.S. The first action from President Joe Biden? Ending that same ban. 
In fact, let’s look at the list of first day actions from our new administration:
☑️  Ended the Muslim Ban
☑️  Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord
☑️  Extended the Eviction Moratorium
☑️  Protected DREAMers
☑️  Protected LGBTQ rights
☑️  Increased Food Benefits to children and families
☑️  Set a REAL national strategy for combating COVID-19
☑️  Authorized use of the Defense Production Act to increase vaccine distribution
☑️  Increased Worker Protections
☑️  Mandated Masks
☑️  Dumped Trump appointees of the executive branch
In all, 15 Executive actions were signed by the President. And look for MORE presidential action every day next week with a “Buy American” action Monday, followed by a focus on racial equity Tuesday, climate change Wednesday, health care Thursday, and immigration Friday.

Decency and democracy, accountability and action are back.

And the House Impeachment Managers will deliver impeachment articles against Trump to the Senate on Monday, January 25 - with a trial in February. We cannot have reconciliation without accountability and truth.
In National Democratic Party news, Jaime Harrison is the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. To have my dear friend Jaime, a former State Party Chair, as Chair of the DNC means brighter days for grassroots movements and local party engagement will take top priority! I'm also excited to serve with him in the roles I was elected to this week: ASDC Western Vice President and DNC Western Caucus Chair. This means I'll lead 16 Western States and Territories, sit on the ASDC Executive Board, and the DNC Executive Committee. 

Finally, this week’s Democracy on Demand features State Senators Emily Randall and Joe Nguyen.You can view the discussion, live or later, at this link:facebook.com/washdems/live

With gratitude, 



Something to read: Get ready for unprecedented organizing and electoral challenges all around the state. On the eve of our own State Committee orientations and meetings over the next week, take peek at what's happening within the Washington GOP: There’s a civil war all right, only right now it’s inside the Republican Party

Something to watch: ICYMI - not only is science back in the Biden-Harris administration, so are the arts. Specifically, poetry to make our hearts soar. Watch and listen to Amanda Gorman, the United States' first-ever youth poet laureate (and future president) at the inauguration festivities: Youth poet laureate recites her stunning poem at Biden inauguration

Something to do: Where you spend your money matters - support a black-owned business in Washington this week: 230+ Black-owned restaurants & businesses to support in Western Washington 

And finally - I cannot resist (actually we DID resist!) - meme magic! (By the way, that is Chair-manBernie Sanders to you, new Chair of the Senate Budget Committee).




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