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23rd ld Democrats News

  • 19 Aug 2020 5:26 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    Our online auction will be live on August 20th so you can see all of the great items that are being offered.  You will be able to start the bidding process August 27th.  Bidding will last until our fun filled Zoom Evening on September 10th.  Please tell all of your family and friends about it.  The more people bidding, the more money we raise.  This is our only fundraiser this year.

    Just follow this link:   


    Thank You for all of your support.

  • 30 Jul 2020 8:11 AM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)


    From: Tina Podlodowski <tina@wa-democrats.org
    Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 8:37 AM
    To: wsdcc@wa-democrats.orgexec@wa-democrats.orgcvc@wa-democrats.orgCCC@wa-democrats.org
    Cc: Staff <staff@wa-democrats.org>
    Subject: Two years to make happen, Two years to keep and expand...let's do this...
    Importance: High

    Dear Democrats,

    As many of you know, it took two years to make significant changes to the DNC and the Presidential nominating process thanks to the the creation of the Unity and Reform Commission, and herculean efforts at the DNC to limit the influence of unpledged delegates (aka “super delegates”) plus so many more changes…

    In the subsequent two years since the passage of those changes, a group of five of us have been working tirelessly to make these changes permanent, and, once a new DNC Chair is elected in 2021, to greatly expand these efforts. Our efforts, are detailed in this article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/democratic-national-convention-superdelegate-reforms-joe-biden-bernie-sanders_n_5f20b72bc5b66a5dd6369389

    I’m so proud to work with Ken, Jane, Larry and Trav and the Biden and Sanders Campaigns - and to represent the Washington State Democrats as Chair. I cannot begin to tell you how long, and how negotiated, and how many meetings and calls it took to get some very simple language to see the light of day (see below) in order to make lasting progressive change in our partyplus get agreement from a very diverse set of people and interests in our “big tent” party. 

    Here’s the deal though - all of those URC Reforms WILL sunset at the close of the Democratic Convention unless the resolution we’ve authored passes at Convention Rules Committee this Thursday, July 30th.

    I’m asking our four WA Rules Committee Members - Shasti Conrad, Girmay Zahilay, JulieAnne Kempf and John Frank - to please vote YES. And we are “whipping” votes across the country - in every state.

    So stay tuned and track this at the Convention Rules Committee Thursday. It’s critical.

    I wanted to send this today, as I know folks are disappointed that Medicare For All did not explicitly make it into the 2020 Platform. Remember - just because it’s not in the platform at this time doesn’t mean it can’t happen, or won't happen. (Or decriminalizing marijuana - I believe that should have been added and acted upon long ago too). Please stay engaged electorally NOW as we can get back the Senate and White House and have the trifecta for progress in Congress and for the Americans who desperately need us to make it so - don’t lose heart. Keep going. And remember, we are not monolithic in our thinking, or lacking in the ability to change both our actions and our party, and tear down unfair and racist institutions, laws and policies at the same time. 

    Honestly, I didn’t think we could do this and make these reforms lasting and expanded and for many of you it likely feels like “insider baseball” - but it’s so critical for what we could accomplish as a Party  in 2021.  

    Here’s to 6 days until our Primary, 97 days left until Nov 3rd, 500K call made by our Coordinated Campaign (thank a vol and FO!), and democrats who never give up. All of you.

    And remember - take a phone shift: https://www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents/

    With gratitude,



    Submitted by
    DNC Vice Chair, ASDC President and State Chair, Ken Martin MN
    Chair Jane Kleeb, NE
    Chair Trav Robertson, Jr., SC
    Chair Tina Podlodowski, WA
    Larry Cohen, DNC (MD), Rules Committee member

                  WHEREAS, following the 2016 election, the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”), under the leadership of Chair Tom Perez, took substantial steps to ensure a more accessible, transparent, and inclusive 2020 Democratic presidential nominating process;

                  WHEREAS, these reforms, which encouraged many states to move from caucuses to more inclusive primaries, led to an unprecedented level of voter participation in presidential primary contests across the country, allowing more Democratic voters to make their voices heard and increasing voter confidence in our nominating system;

                  WHEREAS, these reforms helped inspire the largest and most diverse field in our Party’s history to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for President;
                  WHEREAS, the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the DNC (“RBC”) was instrumental in adopting and implementing the reforms that made the 2020 presidential nominating process the most dynamic and successful in our Party’s history;

                  WHEREAS, the Democratic Party needs to continue to build off the successes of the 2020 primary reforms in creating the rules of the 2024 primary process and Democratic National Convention;

                  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the RBC must protect and continue the work started in 2017 to make improvements to the 2024 nominating process and Democratic National Convention and build on the successes achieved this cycle.  With the purpose and the goals of continuing to further accessibility, transparency, and inclusion in our Party, the RBC shall conduct a comprehensive and structured review of the presidential nominating reforms adopted by the DNC for the 2020 primaries to evaluate where even further reforms are needed, while maintaining the advances that have been made. This review should include considerations of the successes of each of the reforms adopted in 2018 in achieving the DNC’s goals, empowering rank and file Democrats, and strengthening and unifying the Democratic Party in the lead up to the general election. In conducting this review, the RBC should take steps to ensure public and stakeholder engagement in the process, including at least one public hearing and an opportunity to submit comments. This review and accounting should be completed by March 31, 2021.

    Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats


    For Scheduling Contact Anna Le (anna@wa-democrats.org|206-583-0664 x110

    Rise and Organize | Become a Riser

    Volunteer | http://www.wa-democrats.org/volunteer

    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/washdems

    Twitter | https://twitter.com/washdems


  • 5 Jul 2020 10:06 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)


    Membership Committee Chair 

    Our current Chair needs to step down. Please think about helping your party by stepping up to fill this important position. The Membership Committee is one of the 23rd LD Democrat’s Standing Committees and the committee chair is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the 23rd LD Chair. If you have the time and inclination, contact the Chair Val Torrens, chair@kitsap23rd.com or call 360 697-1397.

    The current Chair has this to say about the position:

    Do to personal circumstances I cannot continue as Membership chair for the 23rd LD Democrats group.  I hope someone will step forward and agree to take on the task.  It does require computer skills, however I would be happy to help with understanding the software we use as well as the system.  There is a suitcase full of materials if we ever get back to meeting in person.  Again I will be happy to help facilitate the transfer in any way I can.  The is also the question of the mailbox key for Poulsbo PO.  I need to relinquish that task as well.   Please consider stepping forward and agreeing to help with these tasks  Thanks.  mmm

  • 3 Jul 2020 6:03 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    Message from the Chair:

    Hi all,

    This is the main item on our agenda for July 23.  Senator Hasegawa's presentation on The State Bank  on July 23rd. Please share widely as that will give our LD a chance to read up on this and be prepared for the presentation. Thanks and have a good and safe 4th !


    Generic State Bank Resolution-060120.pdf

  • 1 Jul 2020 4:20 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    News from 23rd Legislative District Central Committee Meeting June 25  

    My Fellow Democrats,

     As you read this, please keep in mind what Will Rogers once said: “I am not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.

    We had a big night last Thursday at our LD meeting where we voted on candidate endorsements and approvals. The results are below.

    I want to thank my fellow E-Board members for their support and help during the entire process from reviewing applications to participating in the numerous candidate interviews. I could not have done it without them: Ginny Bell, Kathy Canderle, Jesse Cockerham, Chiara D’Angelo, Steve Green, Doug MacKenzie, Brian Maule, Erin Phillips, Hallette Salazar, Tarra Simmons, Ginger and Jim Sommerhauser.

    As for the meeting itself, Doug, Erin and Hallette took care of the Zoom logistics, Ginny and Ginger kept the discussion moving forward, Kathy kept the time and Jim did his job as parliamentarian by keeping me and the process on the right track. I really appreciated Jeff Wiley stepping up to put the balloting process together and doing the voting tallies.

    After lots of discussions and exercising our knowledge (or lack thereof) of Roberts’ Rules, motions were approved that resulted in the following:

    Endorsements of the 23rd LD were voted for:

    • Representative Derek Kilmer for US Congress-6th District
    • Governor Jay Inslee for Governor
    • Justice Whitener for Washington State Supreme Court
    • Hilary Franz for Commissioner of Public Lands
    • Representative Drew Hansen for Position 2, 23rd District for the State House
    • Lynn Fleischbein for Kitsap Superior Court

    Senator Christine Rolfes and Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder received their endorsements at the 23rd LD May meeting.

    Approvals of the 23rd LD were given to:

    • Denny Heck and Marko Liias for Lieutenant Governor
    • Leslie Daugs and Tarra Simmons for State Representative, Position 1
    • Charlotte Garrido and Stacey Smith for County Commissioner Position 2

    We also heard from former State Representative Jesse Wineberry and campaign coordinator Amanual Mamo on Initiative 1776. I-1776 reintroduces the Washington Anti-Discrimination Act and is collecting signatures to be turned in on July 2. For more information on I-1776 go to the website which is yeson1776.com.

  • 21 Jun 2020 1:14 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    The June 25 meeting of the 23rd District Dems will vote on Endorsements and Approvals for the eight races we haven't previously considered (yes there are more than eight races, but these are the ones who have asked to be considered). Our May Meeting endorsed Rob Gelder for Kitsap County Council and Christine Rolfes for State Senate. Congratulations to both!

    The following list of candidates will be considered at the upcoming meeting:

    23rd E-Board 2020 Election Recommendations

    6th Congressional District: recommend approval

    Derek Kilmer: Civility Pledge
    Rebecca Parson: Civility Pledge, questionnaire


    Governor: recommend endorsement of Governor Inslee

    Jay Inslee: Incumbent

    Gene David Hart: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    Lt Governor: recommend approval

    Denny Heck: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    Marko Liias: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    Commissioner of Public Lands: recommend endorsement

    Hilary Franz

    WA State Supreme Court Justice – Pos 6: recommend endorsement

    Justice G Helen Whitener: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    23rd Rep – Pos 1: recommend approval

    Leslie Daugs: questionnaire
    Tarra Simmons: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    23rd Rep – Pos 2: recommend endorsement

    Drew Hansen: incumbent

    Kitsap County Commissioner – Pos 2: recommend approval 

    Charlotte Garrido: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    Stacey Smith: Civility Pledge, questionnaire

    Kitsap County Superior Court – Pos 1: recommend endorsement of Lynn Fleischbein

    Lynn Fleischbein: not appropriate per judicial rules, questionnaire

    Tina Robinson: Civility Pledge, questionnaire



    Endorsement: requires 75% approval.

    Can only be given to one candidate. Only endorsed candidates are eligible for campaign funds.

    Approval: requires 50% + 1
    Can be given to more than one qualified candidate.

    If one wants to endorse one of the candidates up for approval, then the motion to pass the approval recommendation must be defeated. Then a new motion to consider that candidate for endorsement can be introduced. That will require a second, then discussion and then passage by 75%.

  • 3 Jun 2020 9:27 AM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    Val Torrens, Chair, 23rd Legislative District Democrats

    Hi all,

    I've struggled with what, if anything, I should say about what has happened recently regarding the nationwide response to the murder of George Floyd. I do not feel that I can keep silent. What is below is from one of our rabbis in Reform Judaism and expresses my thoughts and feelings about this better than I could. I hope no one is offended that it is from a religious leader but I believe it is fundamentally secular in nature. 

    May their memories be for a blessing,


    (Shavuot marks the time that the Jews were given the Torah on Mount Sinai)

  • 24 May 2020 7:40 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

    Save The Date

      Mark  Your  Calendar

          Don’t Miss this Spectacular,

                 Sensational Extravaganza!

    It’s our Annual Salmon Dinner and Auction at the Kiana Lodge !!!

       (minus the actual Salmon dinner and the Kiana Lodge)

    Thursday, September 10th, 2020

    Yes, it's the new normal, social distancing, doing the best we can, and a creative opportunity to raise the funds we need to carry on the critical work of the 23rd LD Democratic Party and we’re asking for your help.

    Purchase your tickets now for an exciting "Zoom" night filled with special guest speakers and entertainment


    Lynne Ferguson, a talented singer/songwriter who has worked with many musical greats including Taj Mahal, Mark O’Connor and Blues Icon Tracy Nelson. Lynne is the Director of Native Horsemanship, a non profit free program serving low income and special needs youth and the community. www.nativehorsemanship.org    

    Hawaiian hula performed by the Na Hula O Hali'a Nani Troupe from Kingston, 

    A Special live, just for Democrats auction.  

    Click below to purchase tickets.

    Purchase Tickets now for $30.  Prices will increase to $35 on August 27 when we start our online auction (look for the link we’ll send) and culminating on the night of our Special Evening, September 10th.  Day of the event price is $40.  Please consider donating for the event as if we were actually having it at Kiana Lodge.  Last year's price was $60.

    We are requesting donations for our online auction.  Please consider donating an auction item.  What is your special talent?  Can you give a demonstration on cooking, crafts, gardening etc?  How about some kind of service like painting, landscaping or doing someone’s taxes?  Do you have some valuable items that don’t fit your current decor and are just collecting dust, that someone else would cherish?  How about gift certificates to your favorite restaurant or other local businesses that have been hurt by the shut down?  The sky’s the limit on possibilities.  Show off your cake decorating and cooking  talent by donating a dessert! 

    Ps.  If you feel strongly that only Democrats should bid on and receive your donation, it can be added to our live auction, though the more people bidding for an item equals the potential for a higher offering.

    Please contact Hallette Salazar with your pledges for contributions at treasurer@Kitsap23rd.com or 360-649-6441 for, yes, we’re still calling it our-

     Annual Salmon Dinner and Auction 

    Thank you,

    Hallette and Kathy

  • 13 May 2020 11:01 AM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

     if you file to run for office please read this letter from the washington democrats!

    Glitches in VoteWA system cause some PCOs not to include Party Affiliation.

    Payment issues for filing fees for non-PCOs may be wrong and confirmations not sent to candidates. 

    Everyone who has filed needs to verify their candidate info—including party affiliation.

    If filing fee was required for the office, verify you were not overcharged. 

    From: Tina Podlodowski <tina@wa-democrats.org>
    Date: May 13, 2020 at 7:44:16 AM PDT
    To: "wsdcc@wa-democrats.org" <wsdcc@wa-democrats.org>, "exec@wa-democrats.org" <exec@wa-democrats.org>, "cvc@wa-democrats.org" <cvc@wa-democrats.org>
    Cc: CC All Staff <coordinated@wa-democrats.org>, Staff <staff@wa-democrats.org>
    Subject: Please READ Round 2 on the VoteWA System

    Dear Democrats,

    I’m bumping up the email I sent below regarding problems with the PCO Filing Process and the VoteWA system developed by the SoS. Please let us know if you are still seeing problems today and please do take screenshots of your issues and concerns.

    You can send those to: data@wa-democrats.org and PLEASE make sure you put “VoteWA Issue” as the subject line so we can sort these issues properly.

    Additional issues have also been uncovered with the VoteWA system:

    1) Payment issues for Filing Fees - candidates have been charged multiple times for Filing fees. Please let us know if you have, or know a candidate who has experienced this.

    2) Filings not showing up - many candidates are not receiving confirmations of their filings - the “queuing system” for approval is not properly working for County Auditors.

    It’s clear the system was not properly tested before rolling it out - as several County Auditors have been pointing out for months, as there have also been issue not yet disclosed to either Washington voters or press, but apparently commonly known by the SoS.

    VoteWa is not part of the election tabulation system, however, IT DOES do our voter registrations, leading me to have quite diminished faith in the system's ability to function properly.

    I’ll be sending a letter to the office of the SoS later today to ask for a full and public accounting of ALL the issues related to VoteWA.

    Thank you so much for all you do, and again, please let us know about the issues you are seeing.

    Be well and stay safe,


    Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats


    For Scheduling Contact Anna Le (anna@wa-democrats.org|206-583-0664 x110

    Rise and Organize | Become a Riser

    Volunteer | http://www.wa-democrats.org/volunteer

    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/washdems

    Twitter | https://twitter.com/washdems

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Tina Podlodowski <tina@wa-democrats.org>

    Subject: Please READ - WHAT is going on with the PCO Filing Process!

    Date: May 12, 2020 at 7:42:03 PM PDT

    To: wsdcc@wa-democrats.orgexec@wa-democrats.orgcvc@wa-democrats.org

    Cc: CC All Staff <coordinated@wa-democrats.org>, Staff <staff@wa-democrats.org>

    Dear Democrats,

    As you likely know by now, if you, or people in your district, filed for a PCO position on Monday or Tuesday of this week, you should have received an email saying you need to REFILE for that office. 

    It’s true, and here is why: the office of the SoS made a serious error in their VoteWA system in the filing process for PCO, and we (state Dems) pointed it out to them. Here’s the story:

    On Monday we received reports that SoS’s VoteWA system was accepting Democratic Precinct Committee Officer candidacy filings that did not comply with WAC 434-215-021.  The filings MUST require a candidate to affirmatively state and declare that they are a member of of either the Republican or Democratic Party - otherwise, the PCO election(s) would be declared constitutionally unlawful. (And those “reporters" included people like me, David McDonald, JulieAnne Kempf and various other chairs and party officials who are well-acquainted with the relevant WAC.)

    We immediately raised the issue with the office of the SoS - a government agency assuming or deciding who is or is not a Democrat or Republican is exactly what would make the election unconstitutional.

    There is a reason why the filing form for precinct committee officer is different than the form for any other elected office.  Precinct Committee Officers are officers of the Democratic Party (or the GOP).  They directly elect other Party officers, including County and Legislative District Chairs and the members of our State Committee.  Precinct committee officers are the group charged under our state’s constitution with preparing the list of nominees to fill vacancies in partisan office.   

    It is not consistent with the Party’s First Amendment right of association for the state to allow non-members of the Party (voters) to select precinct committee officers who are also non-members of the Party.  And, to be explicitly clear, there was not a place on the VoteWA on-line filing system that required a candidate to affirm that they are indeed a member of the Democratic or Republican Party.

    The office of the SoS should have known better, and in consultation with the WA Solicitor General’s office they concluded that we were correct.

    THAT is why you are seeing email notes to refile if you filed for PCO on Monday or Tuesday. Sadly, we are still getting reports that the VoteWA system - over a year old and in my personal opinion never properly tested or functional - is still “broken” this evening, and now only accepting filing for GOP PCOs. We hope to see that fixed shortly.

    Additionally, in Benton County GOP Rep Bill Jenkins BOTH filed for State Senate in the 16th LD as a Republican, AND as a Democratic PCO in Precinct 2404 in the 16th. Obviously, there was seemingly no safeguard in the system to disallow this in the first place, and, without a declaration no mechanism to disallowed this filing afterwards. Same for Don Landsman in the 8th CD, who filed in both the GOP and Dem PCOs races in Precinct 6105.

    Again, a VoteWA System that in my personal opinion was never properly tested, and I have many worries about the ultimate functionality of the system at the County level. But that’s an issue for tomorrow.

    For tonight, and for tomorrow too, please prep folks to REFILE for PCO - I would wait until the morning to do so to make certain that the errors have been corrected in the system,

    THANK YOU - and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Stay well, Tina

    Oh, and PS - for heavens sake elect Gael Tarleton https://www.voteforgael.org

    Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats


    Rise and Organize | Become a Riser

    Volunteer | http://www.wa-democrats.org/volunteer

    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/washdems

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