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Our Leadership

Every two years, we go through a re-organization process where we elect the following officers and other executive board members. Here are the officers that we elected for the 2021 - 2022 term.

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Chair: Val Torrens
Vice-Chair: Alex McCracken
Treasurer: Hallette Salazar
Deputy Treasurer: Ginger Sommerhauser
Secretary: Suzanne Griffith
State Committee Person: Kathy Canderle
State Committee Person: Ted Jones
Sergeant at Arms: Jesse Cockerham

Other Executive Board Members:

North Kitsap School District: Carollynn Zimmers
Central School District: Ben Brueseke (official in March)
Bremerton School District: Michael Achey
Bainbridge Island School District: Erin Phillips
At Large: Doug MacKenzie
At Large: Chris Piercy
At Large: Ginny Bell
At Large: Laurie Kadet

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