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Endorsed and Approved Candidates

The ballots have arrived – time to vote for our Democrats running in the primary! Listed below are our endorsements/approvals for the primary. Endorsements are only for one candidate in a race. An approval means that there is more than one candidate that the LD supports in that race. How you vote is your decision – consider these recommendations to guide your voting.

Feel free to share this information with your family, friends and neighbors.

23rd Legislative District (LD) Candidate Endorsements as of 7/19/23

Bainbridge Island City Council

Position 1 -- Kirsten Hytopolous

Poulsbo City Council

Position 4 -- Reba Harris

Bremerton City Council

Position 6 -- Anna Mockler

Bainbridge Island School District

Position 4 -- Evan Saint Clair

North Kitsap School District

Director 2 -- Natasha Fecteau Minger

Director 4 -- Terri Schumacher

Director 5 -- Stacy Mills

Central Kitsap School District

Director 2 -- Breezy Mitchell

Director 3 -- Drayton Jackson

23rd Legislative District (LD) Candidate Endorsements as of 7/18/22

US Senator - Patty Murray  https://pattymurray.com/

US Representative (Congressional District 6) - Derek Kilmer  https://derekkilmer.com/

Secretary of State (Washington State) - Steve Hobbs. https://www.electhobbs.com

Legislative District 23 - Tarra Simmons. https://wwwelecttarrasimmons.com/

Legislative District 23 - Drew Hansen. https://www.drewhansen.com/

WA State Supreme Court - Mary Yu. https://justicemaryyu.com/

WA State Supreme Court - Barbara Madsen. https://www.retainmadsen.com/

WA State Supreme Court - G Helen Whitener. https://keepjusticewhitener.com/

Kitsap Auditor - Paul Andrews. https://www.electpaulandrews.com/

Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney - Chad Enright. https://www.electchadenright.com/

Kitsap County Sheriff - John Gese. https://www.votegese.com/

Kitsap County Clerk - David Lewis. davidlewisforclerk@gmail.com

Kitsap County Treasurer - Pete Boissoneau. PeteB4Treasurer@gmail.com

Kitsap Public Utility District 1 - Debra Lester. https://www.debralester.net/

Kitsap County Commissioner District 3: Katie Walters. electkatiewalters.com


Kitsap County District Court Judge:  Stan Glissman

                                                                Shane Seaman

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