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Advocacy and Issues

Learn about our positions on specific resolutions proposed to us, the 23rd LD and State Democratic Party Platform, and current legislation that you may want to follow.

Our 23rd Legislative District Resolutions

Periodically, we are approached to support various topics of importance to our community. These sometimes turn into official declarations, called Resolutions. 

Click here to read our Resolutions: 

Kitsap 23rd LD Democrats - Resolutions, Bylaws, Board Candidate Statements

CONTACT: communicationschair@kitsap23rd.com

If you'd like to submit a resolution for consideration, go to our Resolutions page to find out how:

Kitsap 23rd LD Democrats - Propose a Resolution 

The 23rd Legislative District Platform

We have developed positions on various issues, largely based on the State Democratic Platform (below).

Read our Platform here:


State Democratic Party Platform

Similar to the LD23 Platform, the State Democratic Party has developed a position on a plethora of issues from Tribal Sovereignty to Civil Rights. Read about them here: 



Ted Jones - statecommitteeman@kitsap23rd.com

Kathy Canderle - statecommitteewoman@kitsap23rd.com

Current Washington State Legislation

Follow legislation on issues most important to you. You can also sign up to get updates on specific bills that you are interested in here:


CONTACT: Carrollyn Zimmers - drcarollynn@comcast.net 

Search below:

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