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Tina's Weekly News Wrap

6 Aug 2021 4:53 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Hello Democrats and happy Friday! It’s our first Friday after the primary election and there’s so much to cover.

Digging in on Primary Election Results - Who else had an exciting Tuesday night watching the primary results come in? We’ve got some great races and amazing candidates across the state and some of these were quite exciting - like the Spokane City Council race where the 2nd and 3rd place candidates are just two votes apart right now! Don’t let anyone ever tell you your vote doesn’t count. 

Obviously we don’t have the final results yet - about a third of the ballots remain to be counted - but I worked with our data team on some analysis of the results so far, and here’s what we’re looking at. 

Overall, turnout statewide as of August 5th is at 26.6%. When looking at partisan breakdowns, Democrats (60+ support score range) are turning out at higher rates than those in the 0-40 support score range (aka Republicans). We’re also seeing strong results among the cohort of Democrats who have low likelihood of turning out, but a high likelihood of supporting Democrats when they do vote - the low turnout score, high support score categories. These reliably progressive, but sporadically voting, Democrats are our top GOTV targets, and it’s a good sign that our campaigns are doing their jobs when these folks are getting their ballots in.

Looking at when different votes were matched back, we see that throughout the primary, our high support Democrats have consistently turned out at higher rates than our GOP counterparts.

We’re also looking at relatively high turnout amongst the BIPOC population in Washington. These are groups that tend to lean more Democratic when they vote, and often vote at lower rates. We need to make sure that our party, and our candidates, are working to connect with these voters and drive turnout here so their voices are heard and their votes are impactful. 

What this all says to me - Democrats are fired up and still voting. I wish turnout was higher overall, but I’m glad to see Democrats beating the GOP in turnout across the state. Now we need to focus on doubling down for the general election. 

In the general election, we’ll have the opportunity to put some of these D-on-D primaries behind us, and focus on some of the races that only had two candidates and weren’t on the primary ballot. I’m looking at seats like the city of Sequim and beating the Qanon city council appointees, electing Democrats in Central and Eastern Washington and rural Western Washington city councils like Richland, Spokane, Walla Walla, Longview, Blaine, Ferndale, and winning in competitive county council seats in Whatcom, Snohomish, King, and elsewhere. There’s a lot on the map and I know that every county has local candidates we can support and work with. Let’s get to it!

Rooted To Win - With the primary over, it’s more important than ever that candidates get connected with our Rooted To Win program, to identify and highlight good Democrats running for local office across the state! If you or somebody you know is running for office this year, make sure you’ve filled out our (short) form at https://www.wa-democrats.org/rootedtowin to get involved!

Infrastructure Bill Has Benefits for WA - With more details coming out about the current infrastructure bill, we can see some of the huge benefits that this legislation would have for Washington state. You can read our fact sheet about what the bill has for WA here! That includes investments in transportation, electric vehicles, broadband, and more. While we continue to advocate for an additional reconciliation package that can do even more on issues like combating climate change, this current bill would be a major investment in jobs and infrastructure for Washington state. 

Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended - As people across the country struggle with the economic impacts of the COVID pandemic, we know that right now would be a terrible time to evict countless Americans due to an emergency outside of their control. Here in Washington I’m glad that Gov. Inslee, and our Democratic leaders, have been able to enact strong tenant protections that help keep families in their homes, and provide economic relief for both tenants and landlords. At the federal level, this week the Biden Administration extended a federal eviction moratorium for the vast majority of counties in the US. I want to recognize and thank those who advocated strongly for this measure, like Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, and the Biden Administration for taking this action. We can recover from this pandemic and support tenants and landlords alike without forcing a counterproductive and hugely harmful wave of evictions. I’m glad that our Democratic leaders are helping to make that happen. 

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO -We're saddened by the passing of Richard Trumka, the President of the AFL-CIO. He was a legend who fought for years for working families and the labor movement. We send our condolences to his friends, family, and brothers and sisters in labor. We're committed to honoring his legacy by fighting for the values and movement that he championed - investing in infrastructure, supporting workers rights and organizing, raising wages and benefits that help working families, solidarity among all working people, and so much more. Personally, I had the honor of meeting with Rich many times, and as two kids raised in #UnionStrong Polish immigrant families, we shared a commitment to creating opportunities for all. He will be missed.

Economy on the Mend - While we know we have a long way to go to fully recover from the COVID pandemic and build an economy that works for all Americans.the jobs numbers released this week show that President Biden and Democrats’ economic plan to build back better from the bottom up and the middle out is working. Millions of Americans are getting back to work, and working families in Washington are seeing the results -- no thanks to Republicans who tried to stand in the way. Passing legislation like the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan will help keep this progress coming and will ensure that the benefits of a growing economy are shared by all.

  • The unemployment rate fell to 5.4 percent in July, down from 5.9 percent in June. he United States has now recovered approximately 75 percent of jobs lost during the pandemic. 

  • In the past six months, the economy has gone from creating only 60,000 new jobs a month to creating 60,000 jobs roughly every two days. In total, the economy has added a record-shattering four million jobs since the president took office.

  • Paychecks are growing at the strongest rate before the pandemic since 2006, as companies are competing for workers and boosting wages as a result.

  • A newanalysis by the Urban Institute estimates that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will lead to a nearly 45% decline in the number of Americans living in poverty this year. 

More from the Rural Summit - Last week we shared with you some video content from our first ever rural summit - this week, we’ve got more! It was so much fun talking with and learning from folks from across Washington and the Western US about how Democrats can compete and win in rural areas. This is essential work for a strong, competitive party, and I’m committed to making sure the Washington State Democrats always compete in rural Washington. Watch more clips from the summit here:

Tina discussing the importance of the party competing in rural areas.

Communications training with Connections Lab - people raved about this after the summit, it’s super useful!

We did the rural summit while I was in Walla Walla for our tour of Central and Eastern Washington - next week, I’m planning to head down to Southwest Washington to visit our Democrats down there! I’m looking forward to visiting with folks in Clark, Cowlitz, Thurston, Pierce, and more - should be a great time, and stay tuned for updates and photos from out on the road!

As always, thanks for reading and for your support. Keep up the good work, and on to the 2021 general election!

With gratitude, 

Tina Podlodowski


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