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Message From The Chair

17 Aug 2022 8:29 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

Hi all,

It’s been quite a week since the primary. From the highs to the lows, it has been a real roller coaster.

First, I am sad to announce that a long time Democrat and perennial candidate for office, Gene David Hart, has died. It was announced at the county meeting this past Monday. Gene was well known for wearing his Uncle Sam outfit in local parades. In his run for governor in 2020, he drove a car that was a painted billboard for his candidacy. He was a constant presence in our LD meetings and was not shy, but always polite, in sharing his views. May he rest in peace.

The good news have been the primary election results. Despite 17 other people on the ballot for her race, Senator Patty Murray got 52.66% of the vote. Her opponent for the general election will be Tiffany Smiley who got 32.99% of the vote.

Both Congressman Derek Kilmer and Appointed Secretary of State (SOS) Steve Hobbs had similar experiences in leading the pack of candidates for their positions. With six people running in his race, Kilmer got 51.48% while his opponent Elizabeth Kreiselmaier received 18.906. There were eight people vying for the office SOS Hobbs holds. He totaled 39.47% while Julie Anderson came in with 13.48%. While this result may seem we have survived the assault by the Rs on this important position, we need to keep an eye on who is supporting  her race. We know who supports Steve Hobbs – the Democrats. Who supports Julie Anderson?

In our state house races, both Representatives Drew Hansen and Tarra Simmons both got more than 60%: 66.11 and 64.38 respectively. 

Our Kitsap races went well. Katie Walters led the candidates for county commissioner with 36.92%. Now we have to make sure she wins!

Paul Andrews led his opponent, Mike Simpson, 59.19 to 40.81. John Gese took his race with 58.71% versus 41.29% for Rick Kuss. We need to continue to support our Democratic candidates in their races – money, GOTV efforts – and make sure they continue in their jobs.

In the other races of County Clerk, Prosecuting Attorney and Treasurer, our Democratic candidates had no opposition so they will be elected come November. One interesting note is that our County Clerk David Lewis, III got more votes than anyone running for county office to the tune of 52,885 ballots. Go David!

There were also highlights in our fellow LDs. The 26th has Senator Emily Randall in first place with 51.87%. She will be challenged by current Representative Jesse Young, a T**** acolyte. Clearly, she must win!

In the representative races, Adison Richards leads his opponent, Spencer Hutchins 51.13% to 48.87% and Matt Malkins is within striking distance of the incumbent Michelle Caldier, 46.09% versus 53.91%. Please work with your friends in South Kitsap to get them registered, if they aren’t already, and to vote for our Democratic candidates: Senator Randall, Adison Richards and Matt Malkin.

In the 35th LD, it looks like the Senate position and Position 1 of the representatives will stay as Rs. In the other race for Representative-Position 2, Sandy Kaiser leads the vote count. The other three candidates ran as Rs so it will be a tough race but there is hope that she will be a winner.

Please contact the candidates and their campaigns to provide what support that you can. Money is always welcome but there are other things as valuable. People are needed to do the canvassing, phoning and texting from now and through Election Day on November 8. There will not be a “red wave” because the “blue wall” will triumph! WE CAN DO THIS!!


 Replace the Liars & Deniers – Vote Democrat!!!

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